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Monday, 16 July 2012

CBDB By Trey Brooks

Jam Band Plays to Heat of T-Town

Itís a tradition that goes back to the 1960s: loading up and traveling the country along with your favorite jam band. Dead Heads began this practice with ardency, and it is still alive and well even as bands wave hello and goodbye. And so, in keeping with the tradition, I decided I would follow local jam band CBDB, if only for two nights at bars that are literally a block apart from each other. Okay, so itís not exactly like following Phish from coast to coast, but the spirit is still there. And if youíre new to CBDB, they are worth more than one ticket stubóor hand stamp, whichever the case may be. Their musicianship is excellent, and their flow is really something to enjoy. This weekend, I had the fortunate opportunity to check them out at the Bear Trap and the Red Shed for back-to-back performances.

Thursday night I saw CBDB taking it to the rooftop of the Bear Trap. I really like the atmosphere the Bear Trap created, but it was hot. I mean, really hot. Fans were spinning (the electrical kind), but they offered little to reduce the oppressive heat. This distraction didnít seem to affect the band. Their precision was dead on. CBDB has a typical setup for a jam bandóguitars, bass, drum, keyboardówith the addition of a saxophone. Itís this instrument that really completed the sound. No offense to the other guys, as they are all great musicians; but you donít really see much saxophone in local bands, or even in music period these days. It gives them a real Bob Seger feel, emphasizing the jazz roots that have always been a major part of jam band music. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the entire show as I had work in the morning, and by 12:30 they appeared to be nowhere near finished. It didnít help that I was covered in sweat before they even took the stage. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show and was looking forward to the next nightís round.

Friday was no disappointment. The Red Shed was packed and the band fed off the crowdís potency. I was surprised at how high energy it was compared to Thursday. The solos were more intense, the songs were faster, and the crowd was definitely more engaged. It should be noted that the show was inside this time, not battling triple digit weather. However, Red Shed leaves their doors open and the place was filled, so while it was cooler than the night before, it still got pretty hot. Again though, it didnít seem to bother the band as they were on fire that night (pun intended). It was a great way to end a terrific two-night run.

Iíll warn people that if youíre not into jam bands you might want to skip CBDB. They are very groove oriented, playing long solos and improvisations. They are not the type of band you see when you want to sing along and hear the same trodden chords of a well-known song. But if youíre into jam, they really deliver the goods. They can be chill or high energy, and really feed off a crowd well. I would definitely recommend catching CDBD, no matter what the mercury reads.

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